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Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and raised in Orlando’s suburbs, Opeola caught the business bug young. After four years at the University of Florida, she kicked off her career founding a marketing agency in the city of Gainesville. Soon after, she set her mind on serving emerging brands as a marketing and design consultant, taking on a remote work lifestyle, and moving further into the tech space. As her network grew, she became a leader in the Gainesville community, a Startup Weekend organizer, and eventually a design consultant for the city’s Planning and Development Services department focusing on making Gainesville’s services more citizen-centered. Post-Gainesville, she dived further into digital nomadism with a stint leading marketing on the operations team for a nomadic work program before transitioning fully into a career in operations, as a Program Manager atTechstars.

Opeola’s consulting and operations work has touched on software, hardware, fashion, environmental advocacy, design, entertainment, cuisine, travel, venture capital and more. Her background in telecommunications and organizational development has led her to work in 8 countries internationally, as well as at home in the United States. When she’s not at work, Opeola finds joy making good food, better friends, and excellent puns.

StrengthsQuest Top 5: Input, Analytical, Ideation, Strategic, Learner
SBI Consumer Group: Innovators
Myers Briggs:
Enneagram: Type 6 – The Loyalist, Type 9 – The Peacemaker
Zodiac: Capricorn