Opeola Bukola is Backstage Accelerator’s Philadelphia Deputy Director and a business consultant specializing in entrepreneurial development and support. The Nigerian-born founder of Lillo Consulting has a long history with emerging brands, founders, and startup ecosystems. She kicked off her career founding marketing agency Gainesville Media and, after its closure, set her mind on serving budding organizations and ecosystems. She soon spun her brand as a digital marketer and startup community organizer into a consulting role for the city’s “Department of Doing,” aimed at making Gainesville’s government more citizen-responsive and business friendly, before leaving the city to pursue work internationally as she transitioned to the operations space. Upon her return to the US, Opeola shortly joined Techstars’ accelerator program staff before chasing her penchant toward diversity and inclusion to join Backstage Accelerator.

Opeola’s consulting work has touched on sectors from environmental advocacy to wearable technology, and her background in telecommunications and org development has led her to work in 8 countries outside of her home in the United States. When she’s not working or being quippy on Twitter (and, often, while she is), Opeola enjoys good food, better friends, and excellent puns.

Enneagram: 6 – The Loyalist, 9 – The Peacemaker

Myers Briggs: ENFJ – The Protagonist

StrengthsQuest (CliftonStrengths): InputAnalyticalIdeationStrategicLearner

Zodiac: Capricorn